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26 de diciembre de 2011


Esta es la Publicación que realicé en la ETH de Zürich en el año 2010, era sobre la impresión en 3D, los problemas de trabajar con terceros y los protocolos de desarrollo de un trabajo colaborativo en 3D.
id ecaade2010_061: Mokhtar Noriega, Farid; Gaterman, Harald; Rayoon Alvarez, Enrique, 2010
Collaborative 3D Modelling and Printing: What You See Is Not Directly What You Get
source FUTURE CITIES [28th eCAADe Conference Proceedings / ISBN 978-0-9541183-9-6] ETH Zurich (Switzerland) 15-18 September 2010, pp.31-40
The aim of this collaborative 3D printing workshop is to define the production specifications, the teaching-learning pedagogical strategy aspects to help architecture students acquire: the basic competences of building representation, the pre and post processing of printing procedures (printing materials, paint, epoxy, accessories, etc...), defining the missing functions in BIM and Architectural Modelling software and determining the benefits of enhancing them for better 3D prototyping productivity. Two teams (A and B) adopted specific working scenarios based on real world printing jobs. Team A worked on an in-house scenario and Team B on an outsourcing scenario. Tasks successfully completed showed: the wide range of prototypes that could be produced in an architectural studio and the need for a collaborative network to organize the knowledge and good practices developed by research teams (professional or academic) involved in developing rapid prototyping for architecture. This knowledge network could be a discussion forum and a development partnership of 3D printing manufacturers and CAD/BIM software developers.
Rapid prototyping; Collaborative 3d modelling; Knowledge bases; Software design