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26 de diciembre de 2011


Esta es una publicación del año 2009 sobre una propuesta de un Proyecto Europeo que realizamos en el año 2007 sobre un sistema de enseñanza aprendizaje de segundas lenguas para profesores y alumnos.
id ecaade2009_095: Noriega, Farid Mokhtar; Fynn, JohnD.; McDonald-Rissanen, Mary, 2009
UNITALKS: A Blended Learning Platform for University Specific Foreign Language Training for Architecture Students
source Computation:
The New Realm of Architectural Design [27th eCAADe Conference Proceedings / ISBN 978-0-9541183-8-9] Istanbul (Turkey) 16-19 September 2009, pp. 349-356
The objective of the UNITALKS project is to develop a blended e-learning solution for foreign language training adapted to the university environment and to careers in architecture and building construction. Based on the VoiceForum project, an Internet or Intranet based platform, the approach aims to create an immersive task-based collaborative learning environment incorporating certain free software tools including a wiki repository where students and tutors can interactively and creatively enrich their learning community with new resources. UNITALKS is forward-looking in its recognition of the social as well as the technological dimension of an effective learning strategy and innovative in its approach to designing discipline-specific content tailored in a staged process to support maximum learner engagement and full operational ability in the professional context.

Education, mobility, task-based approach, blended learning, learning communities